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Edward P Davee
Lives in Portland, Oregon, United States Speaks English Working On: Lost Division - a feature film shot on super 16mm
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writer, director, editor for Lost Division

Lost Division unfolds in 3 acts. Act one is revealed through a diary of a combat Chaplain as he details the gruesome monotony of his daily reality, the majority of which involves burying corpses. Act 2 plunges us into a chaotic world of confusion, longing, tension, heartbreak, and loss. Act 3 opens in an atmospheric, post-traumatic haze as our Chaplain goes AWOL with a head trauma GI and a shell shocked 16mm photographer, as they traverse a dense forested terrain into the unknown. Lost Division is a dark, atmospheric, unconventional narrative that takes us through a landscape of trauma, in a haze of mystery and wonder.

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