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Pamela Ann Hathaway
Lives in Seattle, Washington, United States Speaks The Queens English, Pigeon Working On: Manifesting as fast as I can, mourning my blown up fiddle no longer. Thank you Joel for finding me a new (old) magical fiddle friend!! Listening To: Led to Sea, Labasheeda, Seeing Blind Reading: always
Arts Genotype: Organizer Creator - Visual Arts/Music

63% Creator
9% Supporter
29% Organizer
23% Music
15% Film
31% Visual Arts
15% Performing Arts
16% Literary Arts
My Projects
Artist @ Art on Tap (clay on tap) community raku project

So far we've held four of these, two in relation with the no longer "stinct" Georgetown Artopia, one with Ravenna 2nd place books, and a fourth in Linda's back yard. So far always solstice celebrations. Looking for the energy and interested artists to put together a 'year of the snake' version.

Artist with Tir na nOg Pottery

Currently being enchanted by labyrinths and puzzled by dragons.

Artistic Director @ Greater Duwamish Art Ark

I need a barge, an urban landscape designer cut from the same cloth as Richard Haag (gasworks park designer) a sustainable energy engineer (electric algae), a permit specialist & a grant writer. Making up a migrating (floating) art park (place to make art not visit it). ::) no I'm not kidding!

stealth knitter with Levee Breaking Knitting Circle

Not a sports person? Don't have the coordination to play soccer, but still want to hang out with creative awesome people from The Levee Breaking? Join the Knitting Circle! Looking for knitters/sewers/handcrafters of any ability, a venue, a business sponsor, and a few good friends to make it happen!

art curator @ Love No Love Vol 3

Love No Love is an annually released 2 disc compilation that benefits groups working against domestic abuse and assault. "Disc one of Love No Love evokes the happier side of the emotion with silly, sweet, and sexy love songs, while disc two is a tribute to love's darker aspects- the breakups, the betrayal, the broken hearts." - Megan Seling

My Contributions
Edits to Frye
Museum (lines, placards explaining things)
Seattle Washington United States
Museum (lines, placards explaining things)
Seattle Washington United States
Photography of NW Showcase Concert @ Olympic Sculpture Park
Branden Daniel and Everybody Gets Laid, Moraine, Reptet, and RandAll Dance at Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle. Levee Breaking Northwest Showcase, Summer 2009.
Review of Winter 2010 Levee Showcase Concert
I wish I could figure out what holiday was going on in the universe cause I can't wait for it to come again.