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Rachael Perrell
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Review of Drew Grow and The Pastor's Wives Album Release
For those of you who enjoy music that messes with your mind and toys with that bit of childlike anarchy still lingering in our souls.. I hope you were at the show.
Review of Con Fullam
. . . sixty plus years as a musician, he has as of yet to release an official album. Don't ask me what it is that I'm actually reviewing. I think it's a pre-released box set?) But maybe that was a wise choice . . .
Review of Deafened By Love
The mix of both Eddy and Prusinski's vocals on this EP is great; Eddy has a soft sweet voice, which contrasts well against Prusinski's . . .
Review of The Woodlands
Hannah and Samuel, of the Woodlands, have crafted together a work that conveys the intelligence and art of simplicity.
Review of Painted World (by The Soft Hills)
The Soft Hills new EP, Painted World, depicts the serene soundtrack to what is quite possibly one of Wayne Coyne's day dreams . . .
Review of One of These Days (by Norey)
Essentially, this album is a rabbit hole of both practical and nonsensical emotional reactions; but making . . .
Review of Bohemian Bitch and Other Songs From Poets Row (Ethan J Perry)
The emotional effect is very similar to spending an afternoon with Mazzy Star; I wouldn't call it hopeful, but the tone of the album seems to point towards this conclusion: nothing definitively sad, simply life.
Review of Guns Ammo Jewelry Coins (by Strange Jerome)
The album carries the slightly aching and very honest melody of love realized (and not), choices revisited and ambitions . . .