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Board Chair: Greta Schreurs
Greta Schreurs joined The Levee Breaking in 2014, to spend the year tackling the massively involved Gigantic Bicycle Festival.

Vice Chair: Gregory D'Elia
I have been involved in community broadcast radio for over 25 years of my life producing music programs, on-air drops, public service announcements and conducting talent interviews.

Outside of skills developed through academia, I garnered positions with museum and convention center audio visual services, produced some freelance audio video productions and was fortunate to gain a few unique opportunities instructing youth technology courses in production and critical media.

Chief Executive Officer: Jesse Perrell
Jesse Perrell is a Seattle native who has spent the last decade developing an arts nonprofit, producing music & arts festivals (Artopia, Gigantic Bicycle Festival), and as the general manager at Presto Chango Records. He spends a lot of time coding websites, and is constantly tempted by the combination of panniers, Amtrak & bicycle.

Secretary: Marley Blonsky
Marley has lived in Seattle for 10 years and is a graduate of the Univ. of Washington with a degree in Gender Studies. She's now a business analyst with a logistics company. Marley is passionate about cycling, safe streets for all, and most of all, having fun while doing just about anything.

Treasurer: Devin Zimmerman
I live on Mercer Island and service the greater Seattle area. I tune and service professional quality pianos and also restore American and European pianos from as early as 1799.

I earned my Professional certificate of piano technology at the University of Western Ontario. I was an apprentice at the Aspen Festival 2003 and an apprentice at Steinway & Sons New York in 2004.

Member: Jennice Hyden
I have a strong background in marketing, public outreach and communications. I specialize in strategic marketing planning and the implementation of strategies and tactics. I thrive in an environment that utilizes each person's individual strengths to create strong teams and programs.

I want to be more involved in the creative aspects of our community. Help explore issues, connect the community and be part of innovative projects that bring people together and create positive change.

About Board Elections
Board Elections:
Levee Breaking board members are voted in by active staff and board members.
Board members serve a 3 year term.
Board members can nominate themselves by filling out a board member application.
Elections take place December to January. The deadline for nominations is December 31st, with voting taking place after the New Years.

Board Elections Calendar:
December 1st - application period open
December 31st - application period closes
January 1st - voting opens
January 7th - voting closes
January 15th - new board members announced
February - first board meeting for new members

Duties of Board Members:
Attend monthly meetings. These are held on the 2nd Saturday from 12-2pm.
Attend bi-annual meetings with staff & regional editors.
Be available by email regularly.
Take part in decisions about projects, budget and processes.
Be present and involved.

Contact Jesse Perrell through the Staff page if you're interested in volunteering as a board member.