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The Pacific Northwest
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Southwest North America | Central North America
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The Red Room
Gallery: The Red Room
Species: Cafe (coffee, sandwich, hammer)
Space Occupancy: 85
Age Limitations: All ages during the day, 21+ in the evenings

Installation logistics? Lighting? Display suggestions?
Bring whatever you need for installation!

What Sorts of Art?
Wall space for 2d mostly.

Financial Details?
Not sure...

Group shows are fine if you dont have enough work to fill the space, just send URLs to portfolios for all artists.

Be prepared to hang all your work yourself and bring the necessary supplies (hammer, nails, putty to stabilize, cards describing each piece with the price clearly marked, business cards, artist statement).

We like to switch the art in the Red Room about every 6 weeks. To be considered for a show, send an email to, including a URL to your portfolio. Paintings, illustrations, photographs, prints and mixed media collages all work well. Your artwork must be finished, ready-to-hang, and not so delicate that 6 weeks in a restaurant is likely to cause damage

Physical Location
3803 Delridge Way SW
Seattle, Washington 98106
United States

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