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NW Showcase Concert @ Olympic Sculpture Park

Branden Daniel and Everybody Gets Laid, Moraine, Reptet, and RandAll Dance at Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle. Levee Breaking Northwest Showcase, Summer 2009.

Location: Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle Washington United States

Photographed by Pamela Ann Hathaway

Arts Genotype Organizer Creator - Visual Arts/Music
Lives in Seattle, Washington, United States
Speaks The Queens English, Pigeon
Working On: Manifesting as fast as I can, mourning my blown up fiddle no longer. Thank you Joel for finding me a new (old) magical fiddle friend!!
Listening To: Led to Sea, Labasheeda, Seeing Blind
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Dialog Box
2012-02-22 07:24:06
that was a busy summer...
2012-02-23 03:59:47
the amazing music (Moraine) jazzed improv dance punctuations w those glorious rusted *wave* sculptures lurking "backstage" quite the collage of a concert. thank you sculpture park and levee breaking!
2012-07-03 13:49:48
Moraine have been playing at Mars Bar kinda near REI fairly often, we should go some time soon!
2012-07-14 10:59:10
For posterity, or something... maybe best to avoid scheduling things downtown at the same time as the Pride Parade. :p This was super fun though nonetheless
2012-07-14 11:48:08
Also THANK YOU Seattle Art Museum for having us!
2012-12-30 20:16:30
Tamandua has such nice manners!
2013-02-22 23:36:43
Mars Bar went out of business!! We gotta find Moraine somewhere else! There's a room in Columbia City they've been playing at a lot, maybe soon?