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Tour Journals

Tour Journals are musician-written documents of their experiences touring. They're eclectic and odd and diverse and valuable for all sorts of reasons. We hope that they are also a good resource to musicians who want to travel to these places.
Levee Breaking Soccer

Local bands, record store staff, station djs, festival organizers, venue bookers, promoters, label staff and etc, chasing a soccer ball around, eating orange slices, talking arts-scene, and slide tackling each other. Monthly, Second Saturday of month games take place April through October in a number of cities.
Venue Database

The Venue Database is a community written, perpetually growing omnibus of music and performance venues. The database is searchable by region, and is linked to and cross indexes the Tour Journals project.
Gallery Database

The Gallery Database is a community written, perpetually growing list of visual art, multimedia and installation spaces. The database is searchable by region nationally and internationally, and by the type of space.

The Encyclopedia is a community written, perpetually growing library of useful, generally not found elsewhere, arts-centric articles. Articles range from "What's the music scene like in Amsterdam?" to "How to build a pin hole camera", with topics ranging from blacksmithing to Protools.