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Hollow Earth Radio's Magma Festival
I've been doing standup comedy for a little while now, and am planning a showcase during Hollow Earth Radio's Magma Festival which takes place in March! I'd like to feature people or acts which are funny or underground & aren't usually featured in the comedy scene. Suggestions?

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2013-01-17 20:21:52
when i was searching performance projects i found yours and right under was the 'deaf jam' posted by Amie Pease. If the magma festival is visual, (as in not just radio broadcast) you might want to check in w Amie (she's on here) about accessing some of her performers. According to Jesse Amie is also a good person to connect w about comedy performers in general. (Be her Friend!) ((i like her a lot!!))
2012-12-13 10:33:29
I used to book the Mainstage nextdoor to Key Arena, was being a comedy club all of the nights I wasn't booking music, but there are a lot of stand up people I met while I was there. I'll send them your way!
2013-01-16 03:03:06
Sweet, thanks!