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Deafened By Love

Deafened By Love's self titled album is a definitive, lyrical telling of love gone wrong. Heavy guitar riffs lay down potent melodies to which Juddy Eddy's vocals (or alternatingly John Prusinski's smokey voice) portray the roller-coaster of love and loss.

The album gets heavier as it progresses, with Prusinski's gruff voice creeping alongside the guitar.

The album puts a whisky in your hand, and sits you alone at some forsaken bar as the serious tone of it all is cemented with lyrics and sound.

The mix of both Eddy and Prusinski's vocals on this EP is great; Eddy has a soft sweet voice, which contrasts well against Prusinski's darker style. Those who are fans of Tom Petty or Dire Straits, I would highly recommend Deafened by love.

Written by Rachael Perrell

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