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In Cahoots at Barboza

In Cahoots played an early set at Barboza on Friday, May 24th, and it was short, sweet, and to the point. The show's line-up (of which I only saw In Cahoots and Big Wheel Stunt Show) was a welcome change from the tame folk and indie pop bands I normally go see. Lead singer Christina Cramer pulls no punches and her voice soars as much as any major 90's female rock goddess (I'm sure she probably hates the comparison). Seriously, bust out the combat boots and let's kick some ass.
Some songs such as "Secret Handshake" and "sweet Tooth" showcase the band's guitar-driven roots, but then they can totally change it up and (surprise!) even get kind of twangy for songs like "Carolina Throwaway." I thoroughly enjoyed this show and I was surprised there weren't more people there. I found the band appealing and catchy even to just a casual viewer. In Cahoots is in the process of releasing a 6-song EP and their previous EP is available on iTunes.

Written by Melissa Hurst

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2013-06-04 08:22:43
They do kick ass! That is exactly what they do! I haven't seen them in a while (nor have I made it to Barboza... I should do both...)