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Snail Mail
The Levee Breaking
1916 Pike Place, Suite 12 #67
Seattle, WA 98101
Operational Staff
Executive Director
Jesse Perrell
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Deputy Director
Greta Schreurs
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Events Coordinator
Brent Driscoll
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Marketing Manager
Fedora El Moro
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Editorial Staff
Music & Arts Editor (Pacific Northwest)
Andy Gaines
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Music & Arts Editor (NE North America)
Julia Perilli
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Music & Arts Editor (Southwestern Europe)
Francesca Lisetto
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Music & Arts Editor (Central North America)
Anders Gurda
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Project Curators
Inky Spokes: Bicycle Inspired Art Series
Amanda Dellinger
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Gigantic Film Festival
Craig Downing
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The Venue Database
Jillian Bunting
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