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Seeing Blind 2012 SXSW

Seeing Blind have trekked up and down the West Coast and navigated the Pacific Northwest for years; releasing really strong albums and being consistently awesome to see live. They'll be playing a series of showcases at SXSW with Critical Sun Records.

Seeing Blind (and a few other bands I can think of by the same token), glowingly represent what you get from being a dedicated band. There's a very specific, very awesome sort of stage presence and way of performing live that is only ever the result of a band spending a lot of time and energy on playing together. -jp

Tour: March 2012
Where: Texas


Arts Genotype Creator - Music
Lives in Seattle, Washington., United States
Speaks English
Working On: Seeing Blind @ SXSW 2012
Listening To: Outkast

March 13, 2012 @ The Jackalope

We made it to SXSW! We got into Austin on Tuesday 3/13 around 6pm and headed for our condo. First things first: food and beer. We headed to a little taco truck and grabbed some brews next door. The energy in the air was electric: acoustic music pumping out drinking tunes, a word smythe pumping out hip hop on the corner, drunk chicks stumbling on sidewalk cracks, everyone looking for some action... It was hot and really humid!

The first thing I noticed were the different birds that are here. Someone said that they are pigeons but they sound like something out of the movie Jurrasic Park! None of us really got any sleep but
it was up @ 7am to get ready for our first showcase the next day! We headed to The Jackalope and Critical Sun Records was already there unloading and setting up our back line. We mosied for a bit, got a couple of drinks and settled in to watch everyone scramble around.

It was kind of nice to not have gear to worry about setting up (we could definitely get used to this). It was hot and stuffy in the joint. There were velvet paintings of topless large breasted women, tables and floors browned with age and beer stains and of course a giant mutha' fuckin' Jackalope for the drunks to ride. The bartenders looked like they were barely tolerating everyone. StaC from the Furniture Girls and I talked about how the locals must hate this festival to a certain degree. They make out pretty well after raping everyone for money but it must feel like Bumbershoot feels to some Seattle locals.

After chilling for a bit it was time to warm up and get shit going. Before our set people were starting to show up for the free beer we had advertised. It was so hot it was like the inside of a BBQ pit! The sound guy had a few issues with feedback but we fought through it like rock stars. Our set was one power packed tune after another and everyone was having an amazing time! By the time our set was over we were all dripping with sweat and panting like we just had a four person orgy. I looked over at our drummer Dylan once and his head was resting on his snare drum during a break: he looked like a hooker after a long night at work, limp and tired but ready for more. Then it was off stage and headed to the bar for more booze. What else are you to do when there is free beer? We talked to fans and then settled in for the rest of the Critical Sun Records showcase.

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