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The Pacific Northwest
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The Skylark
Venue: The Skylark
Species: Small Rock/Dance Club (50-200)
Venue Occupancy: 85
Age Limitations: All ages until 9pm

A square-mostly room that is primarily tables and chairs, really nice owners and staff. Something like a 12'x8' stage, ceiling flung mains, mics, stands, etc. There's also an upright that lives on the stage, which I have seen played but haven't myself..


How's the pay?
Since they started they'd been doing 10-12% of the bar/food sales from the evening. They seem to have migrated to having door covers these days. The no cover, percent of bar thing was really good for the music community, for growing a music scene those sort of venues are really valuable. The current layout probably gives more leg room for bands making more money from people out.

Comfortable place to play. Not enormous, but just big enough. Really good hearted people running the place, this is probably as much a music-scene supporting place as ever you'll find.

Send a link to your music with a brief description and your estimated weeknight and weekend draw to booking (at) skylarkclub (dot) com. Music clips that stream online are required.

Physical Location
3803 Delridge Way SW
Seattle, Washington 98106
United States

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2012-02-06 03:29:43
So how tuned is the piano... :) Anyone who's played there recently want to post a rough rundown of what Skylark has available for backline?