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Horseshoe Tavern
Venue: Horseshoe Tavern
Species: Tavern (500 years old, better pa)
Venue Occupancy: 500
Age Limitations: 19+

It's an infamous, dingy tavern that provides it's own sound man and the opportunity for exposure. Lots of people drinking 50s and Bud Light.


How's the pay?
Tuesday nights they don't pay, but give you the opportunity to show you can draw. If you can draw, and your fans drink beer, they'll book you again on a better night and pay you based on the number of heads you bring on the guestlist.

It's great for exposure, but sometimes tough to make money. If you can get a gig here, take it. It's one of the best places to play in Toronto because there's a guaranteed crowd, something that's hard to find in this city.

Craig Laskey

Physical Location
370 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario MSV 2A2

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2012-02-22 07:27:12
mostly locals playing the nights here? Do bands with a national following wind up here much?
2012-03-07 14:40:49
yes absolutely.