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Columbia City Theater
Venue: Columbia City Theater
Species: Medium Rock/Dance Club (200-499)
Venue Occupancy: 250-300
Age Limitations: Mostly 21+, periodically All Ages.

Beautiful and historic (100 years old!) small theater with incredible energy. One of the best-sounding rooms I've played.. Plus, it has the best green room(s) I've ever been in. Wonderful staff, though there seems to be some turnover right now. They have a gorgeous baby grand piano on the (roughly) 20'x15' stage. Great PA and fully equipped with mics, stands, and I think they even have a pretty complete backline, should it be necessary.


How's the pay?
Generally, bands on the bill split the door evenly after the house gets a cut... maybe $100ish? I forget. You can basically set your own door price, but mostly they charge $5-$12/person and they'll do presales via Brown Paper Tickets.

This is an exciting venue to play. Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington played there and you could, too! It's warm and comfortable. The staff are awesome and accommodating and good at what they do. It IS in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle, though, which is a ways away from the more urban centers. There's no foot traffic to speak of, so the only folks coming to the show will be the ones who have specifically planned to, not people who see the A-frame outside with your band's name on it. And I've found it difficult to get my friends to make the trip from other parts of the city because it feels 'far away.'

Booking: Main phone: (206) 722-3009

Physical Location
4916 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, Washington 98118
United States

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