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Teazone/Camelia Lounge
Venue: Teazone/Camelia Lounge
Species: Coffee House (awake people, pastries)
Venue Occupancy: 50
Age Limitations: 21+

Great Atmosphere, lighting, sound, and laid back feel. The mood is chill, with candles all around and people sipping on tea and tea cocktails. Who could complain about that?

Jazz, Acoustic, Soul, etc

How's the pay?
The last occasion that I played at Camelia Lounge, the band was paid a cool 70 dollar$. Nice!

Camelia Lounge is a great cozy venue nestled in the heart of the Pearl District with a friendly staff, amazing food menu, and even more amazing beverages. Playing here is a definitely an enjoyable experience, especially for lower-key set lists.

teazone at teazone dot com

Physical Location
510 NW 11th AVE
Portland, Oregon 97209
United States

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2012-02-22 02:43:49
i'll look for it next time i'm in Portland, Thanks Chris!